What Is Phentermine? Here’s How It Works In Your Body

Phentermine has a similarity to amphetamine, which is capable of increasing your heart rate and can boost your blood pressure. It also stimulates your central nervous system to make it completely active for any duty that you want to do. Similar to amphetamine as well, it also has the ability to lose your appetite.

Since it has the capability of losing one’s appetite, most use phentermine whenever they undergo a strict diet where they need to suppress their appetite in order to prevent themselves from eating too much. Phentermine’s effectiveness in helping its users take a diet has reached the point where some even use this to treat obesity in order to improve their lifestyle.

An Important Reminder

So if you want to know what is phentermine even further, then be sure to take note of the following reminders as well:

  • Do not use phentermine when pregnant.
  • Never use it when breastfeeding a baby as well.
  • It should never be used by patients suffering from:
    • Heart disease or other heart problems.
    • High blood pressure.
    • Drug abuse, or those with a history of it.
    • Kidney disease.
  • Do not use it if you easily get agitated or nervous.
  • It causes violent drug interaction with diet pills and certain medicines such as MAO inhibitors.
    • Serious side effects may happen if you take phentermine, but took a MAO inhibitor over the past 2 weeks.

It’s also best if you ask your doctor when to take phentermine to determine the right dosage and the right timing when using it. Over dosage to this compound may cause serious side effects that may harm your body permanently. It’s best to seek professional help at all times if you’re planning to take this in order to get the maximum benefits out of it, and not just as a means to keep you safe.