When do You Need MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard is the essential and key element in a MacBook.

Any single faulty and not working key will definitely land you into trouble.

Earlier there were almost no issues with the keyboard. But since 2016, apple introduced butterfly keyboard, it started showing issues. A petition was filed against the Apple to replace all the keyboards in every MacBook keyboard replacement since 2016. People were facing the issues like.

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  • Keys stopped working
  • Keys make noise
  • Keys come out when MacBook heats up

The cause of these issues was the butterfly keys, they were cocooned in a thin silicone barrier that was the root cause of keyboard malfunction.

Apple introduced new updated MacBook in 2018 hoping to resolve the issue, but it was still there. Apple revealed new MacBook models for 2019, and it seems there are further modification in butterfly keys to help resolve the issue.

Keys stopped working

This is the most common issue related to keyboard malfunction of MacBook. Users complain most about that the some of the keys stopped working suddenly and does not work no matter what they do. This is most commonly seen in MacBook Air that is launched in 2016.

Users reported that mostly spacebar and shift keys stopped working. It appeared that dust particles get stuck underneath the key and stops it from depressing, that’s what causing the keys to stop working.

It was observed that it is not possible to remove single key and place it back after dust removal, whole keyboard has to be replaced. For that purpose, users have to contact Apple store for MacBook keyboard replacement. This is the only possible way to get rid of the issues like this.

Other issues like they keys come out when MacBook is heated up and it makes high pitched clicking noise upon pressing. Apple has already extended MacBook keyboard replacement program and users are advised to avail this opportunity.